Kelly Lamb Geodesic Hanging Planter

Working across multiple disciplines, including sculpture, photography, video, and product and interior design, Kelly Lamb is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. Lamb’s aesthetic is heavily inspired by Sacred Geometry, Viennese Secessionism, the Arts and Crafts Movement and architects such as Buckminster Fuller and Oscar Niemeyer. Her use of clean, angular, geometric lines contradicts organic shape, creating a dynamic dialogue between natural form and structural design. 

All of Kelly Lamb's products are handmade in Los Angeles, California and KL Studios prides itself on working with local merchants, vendors and craftsmen. The inherent variation in the color, texture, glaze and finish of the hand-crafted products add to the natural beauty and uniqueness of each piece. 

Small 8” diameter, 4.5” high 

Large 11” diameter, 6” high

Currently Sold Out.

  • Kelly Lamb Geodesic Hanging Planter
  • Kelly Lamb Geodesic Hanging Planter