Tea Drinker Bundle

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A perfect gift for the tea drinker in your life. This bundle includes a Leaves and Flowers Tea, an Eli's Bees Western Malibu Honey, a Jonathan's Spoons Honey Stick, and a Mount Washington mug. Steep the tea in the lovely mug and sweeten with Malibu honey for a delicious drink to start your day. From start to finish, this bundle will add a special, handmade touch to the morning routine of someone you love. 

Items will be gift wrapped and packaged together to be received as a gift. If you would like to include a note with your bundle, please specify what you would like to say when checking out.

Items included:

Leaves and Flowers Tea

Northern California based tea company, Leaves and Flowers offers a unique selection of handcrafted herbal infusions and premium small batch teas. Utilizing fresh herbs and florals from local farms or sourced from sustainable farms around the world, each botanical blend is hand-picked then skillfully oxidized, pan-fired, then rolled or fermented to achieve exceptional quality and flavor. Each blend is inherently loose leaf and sustainably harvested. The flavor within each bundle is assorted based on what is available.

Tropic Garden - Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Lavender, Stevia Leaf, and Star Anise. 

Earl Grey - Black Tea from Fujian Province, China infused with wild harvested Sicilian Bergamont. Rich, smooth, and citrusy notes. 

Mintha - Classic mint tea with anise, peppermint, and tarragon. Fresh, sweet, and uplifting notes. 

Turmeric Wellness- Earthy, Soothing, Bright. This tea can support you during times of stress or anytime your system is feeling low or depleted. It is also a powerful tonic to drink preventatively. 



Eli's Bees Honey 

Eli's Bee Company's honey is harvested from the microclimate zones and diverse ecosystems throughout the Santa Monica Mountains. As each one of our honey varieties are harvested from one location at one particular time of year, our honey embodies the natural complexity of Southern California floral landscape.  

Unfiltered and unpasteurized honey from Eli's Bees. Collected from bees in Western Malibu. Retains small amounts of pollens, plant enzymes, and the natural complex sugars found in the flowers. Size: 8oz. Each jar is labeled with a location and harvest date identifier.

Jonathan's Spoons Honey Stick

A beautiful and dynamic handmade utensil intended for holding honey from Jonathan's Spoons. Made from sustainably grown cherry wood, which is a hardwood with handsome color and grain, durable, smooth, and strong. This small honeycomb stick is finished with clear mineral oil. It is recommended that you was with soap and water and re-oil occasionally with mineral or coconut oil. Handmade in the USA. 

Approximate measurements: 6" tall, 1" wide at top. 

Carved Mug in Lavender from Mount Washington

These hand-formed and carved stoneware mugs are handmade in Los Angeles by ceramicist Beth Katz of Mt. Washington Pottery. Beautiful and tactile with a soft matte lavender glaze, they're available in two different carving styles, Column and Facet. Column is characterized by slim lines, while Facet is made of wider vertical ridges.  Each mug is completely one of a kind, with subtle variation in color, adding to their unique beauty. Made in Los Angeles.

Measures approximately 4” tall x 3” in diameter. 

Tea Drinker Bundle
Tea Drinker Bundle