UNA Incense

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Wonderful wildcrafted incense from UNA. Contains 16 incense sticks that are hand crafted from wildgrown aromatics on the UNA farm. Available in three variations. Each stick burns for approximately 35 minutes.

-Creekside Incense
Pine • Palo Santo
Woodsy, crisp, pine, lemon…tread lightly into the forest, new beginnings, first snow.

-Magic Meadow
Myrrh • Mugwort • Lavender
Sweet, flowery, bright, resinous, warming…sunny days, wide open space.

-Mountain Top
Frankincense • Copal • Sage
Woodsy, spicy, warm, sunny…connecting the cosmos, earthy yet otherworldly, spiritual, thoughtful.

UNA believes in plant power and the mysterious realms of connection between wilderness and spirit. They create custom blends that speak to a singular place: the Catskill mountains of upstate New York. This connection to place is reinforced through wild-grown aromatics from their farm as well as the craft of hand-making each stick of incense. Their incense is made up of powdered woods, tree resins, and plant material farm grown or foraged.

UNA Incense
UNA Incense