Capisce Market Cinnamon Date Granola


A dreamy and delicious blend of cinnamon and dates, perfectly paired with your favorite nut milk and on top of smoothies. Capisce granola is currently available in Cinnamon Date. Every flavor feels light, nourishing, and not overly sweet while full of layered flavor. Packaging and adhesive labels are all home compostable. Best eaten within four weeks of batch date (3.4.2022).

10 oz. 

Ingredients: gluten free organic oats, korintje cinnamon, *vanilla extract, *maple syrup, *pumpkin seeds, *sliced almonds, *coconut oil, California Medjool Dates, maldon sea salt. *organic

*organic ingredients. 

Handmade in small batches by Serafina LoGiacco, each flavor is inspired by the flowing seasons and her Italian roots. Each bag is made without the use of preservatives or highly processed ingredients that are local and organic when possible and purchased in bulk to prevent waste.