Daren Wilson Painting #81

Daren Wilson

San Francisco based artist and ceramicist Daren Wilson, began a personal study of the iconic still life master Giorgio Morandi nearly 10 years ago. Word of mouth spread to people who wanted to adorn their walls with near-replicas of still life perfection. “People would just email me a Morandi image they’d found online or in a book and asked if I could paint one for them, so I would. It turned out to be a great exercise in painting and I learned a ton.” “Morandi’s composition and pallet is so unassuming yet incredibly complex.” “They tend to transform any room into a place of quiet reflection.”  

We’re happy to offer a handful of Wilson’s ongoing study of “After Morandi” paintings. These paintings were shown in a group exhibition throughout the fall of 2019 at San Francisco State University. Each signed on back: “Daren Wilson. After Giorgio Morandi. 2019.” 

Measurements: 14" x 10"