Hannah K Permanent Jewelry

Hannah K

A minimalist statement about permanence and simplicity that will live with you as long as you'd like. By appointment only, Hannah will personally fit a thin, 18K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or Sterling Silver Bracelet and solder it permanently around your wrist. These bracelets are comfortable and durable, as they sit closer to the wrist than a traditional cuff, unable to slip over your hand. Each is enduring in the meaning and significance you bring to it. Simply cut off when you wish to remove. 


What to know:

Appointments are available from 11:30am - 4:30pm, Saturday September 30th at our Venice Location.

Please note each session is 15 minutes. If you would like to purchase more than one bracelet please book two separate time slots. We are limiting 1 bracelet per checkout.

Please arrive by your scheduled time. Hannah will promptly begin fitting the bracelet to your wrist and your selected material. Your wrist will be wrapped in leather while she uses a controlled flame to solder the bracelet. She will then file, smooth,  and shape the finished bracelet.


Sizing (wire thickness):

Small - 1mm

Medium - 1.3mm 

Large - 1.6mm (only available in Yellow/Rose Gold)

X-Large - 2mm (only available in Yellow/Rose Gold)