Lavender 2fl oz Tumbler

Humble Ceramics

This tiny 2 ounce tumbler from Humble Ceramics can be used for anything from serving mint tea to serving shots of Matcha tea, Sake, or an extra short espresso. It can also use it to hold toothpicks or other small odds and ends.

Measurements: 1.75" Diameter x 2.5" Tall - Holds +/-  2 fl oz *
* All measurements are approximate and will vary from piece to piece. 

Humble Ceramics is about simplicity and imperfections, and embracing so-called "flaws."  Each piece is fired in a Cone 10 kiln which makes for unexpected and surprising results. This means that each piece is one of a kind and cannot be duplicated.  There is beauty in imperfection, a subtle and wonderful signature of the handmade.