In-Store Appointment
In-Store Appointment
In-Store Appointment

In-Store Appointment

General Store

General Store Venice is now allowing in-store appointments!

To book an appointment you will need to select a duration of 30 minutes or 60 minutes and pick a time slot and date with the select time button. In the box to the left of add to basket you may type in the amount of people that will be attending the appointment; we are currently allowing up to groups of 4. Once you've finished this process you will click add to basket and check out as if you were purchasing a product. You will receive a confirmation email once the appointment has been booked.

On the day of the appointment we kindly ask that you follow these guidelines*: 
Must be symptom free - no cough or fever or headache.
Masks MUST be worn at all times. No exceptions.
MUST use store-provided hand sanitizer upon entering.
Maintain 6 feet of distance at all times.
Keep within your appointed time in consideration of others.
NO clothing, shoe or jewelry try-ons at this time.
No kids allowed.
No pets allowed.
No reusable bags.
No Cash.
*Staff will cancel or end appointments early if guidelines are not followed.

For further questions or cancellations you may call us at 310-751-6393.