Color Block Candle


Le Feu de L'Eau's signature scents, now available in new packaging including a simple wood top and classic cube box.  Soy candle in 12 oz. glass. Made in California. Approximate burn time: 60 hours. Currently available in 3 favorite scents. Please note, the glass container is now opaque white and not all scents are pictured.

Bleu Nuit:  black currant, red currant, bergamot, wood, cinnamon

Blue Phthalo: night blooming jasmine, greens, gardenia, musk 

Chartreuse: casia bark, sandalwood, frankincense

Gris : woods, musk, vetiver, incense

Ivoire: patchouli + amber

Marron: amber, sandalwood, patchouli, amber, myrrh, resin, vanilla 

Peche: bitter orange, mandarin, orange blossom, tonka bean

Vert: fig leaf, fig, bergamot

Violet: Grapefruit, geranium, tobacco leaves, Mahogany 

Color Block Candle
Color Block Candle