Soft Stone Spouted Cup

Neko Co Neko

This spouted cup by Neko Co. Neko is perfect for serving milk/cream/sake or sauce on the side. The surface pattern is created by hand with slip mimicking stone in nature, each piece is unique, as every stone is unique. 

Approximately 4”height, 3”diameter.
Can hold 250-300ml at capacity.

Wheel-thrown + Hand paint slip pattern. Due to the handmade nature, some variation in dimension and color might occur.

Microwave and dishwasher safe. We recommend using gentle, environmentally-friendly detergents. Avoid temperature shock by heating things slowly, evenly, and carefully.

Neko.Co.Neko. is an independent brand promoting an authentic, considered lifestyle with mindfulness of your physical environment. C(k)o.Neko.means kitten in Japanese , it’s a reminder of “beginner’s mind”(初心), a reminder of having fun.

Soft Stone Spouted Cup
Soft Stone Spouted Cup