Holiday Gift Bundle - Tea Drinker

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A perfect holiday gift for the tea drinker in your life. This bundle includes a Golde Tonic Bohemia Tea, a Sunflower Honey from Happy Organics, and two Kiyomi Koide ceramic cups. Steep the golde tea in matching teacups and sweeten with sunflower honey for a delicious drink to share with a friend. From start to finish, this bundle will add a  special, handmade touch to the morning routine of someone you love. 

Items will be gift wrapped and packaged together to be received as a gift. If you would like to include a note with your bundle, please specify what you would like to say when checking out.

Items included:

Golde Tonic - Bohemia Tea

Beautiful natural, loose-leaf teas for all occasions. Add 1 teaspoon per cup and infuse for 4 minutes. All teas translate beautifully into iced tea as well. 

Golde Tonic: Luminous Turmeric and vanilla tonic blend. This naturally sweet, earthy, distinctive turmeric wellness blend is the perfect night time tonic. Golde helps to soothe and creates warmth in preparation for a good night’s rest. It also offers whole body nourishment. Caffeine free. Ingredients: Turmeric Root, Lemon Verbena, Ginger Root, Lemon Grass, Peppermint, Coconut, and Vanilla Bean.

Sunflower Honey - Happy Organics

Sweet, golden, sustainably harvested honey. Not heated, processed or filtered,  allowing the beneficial enzymes to remain present in the honey and maintain its medicinal benefits. 9wt oz (6fl oz)

Happy Organics is a farm based in Merced, CA that passed down the tradition of bee keeping for three generations, starting in Michoacan, Mexico. They now produce many honey based products from their family farm that rests in the heart of the Central Valley of California. They house thirty-four hives that collect pollen from the gardens which include lavender, rosemary, wildflowers, borage, sunflowers, citrus, pomegranate trees and fig trees.

Soba Choko - Kiyomi Kiode (two included)

Stoneware cup in a speckled matte white glaze. Each cup is handmade and varies in glaze and size, reflecting its wabi-sabi process.

Approximate measurements: 3 ¼” wide x 3” high.

Kiyomi Koide's creative process encompasses the wabi-sabi aesthetic through her handmade pieces. She finds beauty in the natural hues of the clay and finds purpose in creating everyday functional objects of beauty. Kiyomi is based in Oakland, Ca.

Holiday Gift Bundle - Tea Drinker
Holiday Gift Bundle - Tea Drinker