Anxiety Ally

Wooden Spoon Herbs

An herbal tincture that will guide you to a state of emotional and mental clarity and peace; this natural mix of plants aides in occasional moments of mild anxiety, distress, disaster, or daily disruptions. Take this tonic daily to soothe the mind and nourish nerves. Can be added to any liquid with a suggested use of 35 drops (1.75 ml) 3 times daily. 

2 oz. bottle

Ingredients: Organic Holy basil herb extract, Organic Skullcap herb extract, Organic Oat tops extract, Organic Ashwagandha root extract, Organic English lavender flower extract, Organic Cane Alcohol, Water.

Wooden Spoon Herbs was founded by herbalist Lauren Haynes with the Earth at its core and the idea of finding nourishment in nature. Haynes' search for sustaining wild foods evolved into an obsession with functional herbalism. Wooden Spoon Herbs sprouted from an Appalachian mountain farmers' market stall into Haynes' kitchen in Tennessee with the sole motto of "Herbs from the Earth, for the people."