Bamboo Monocolor Sandalia - Nata

Beatrice Valenzuela

The Bamboo Monocolor Sandalia features a dense sculpted foam sole wrapped in soft vegan bamboo leather. An exciting addition to the Sandalia collection and made from sustainably sourced recycled bamboo plants, this perennial blooming tree is beloved globally for its unmatched versatility.

100% Vegan Bamboo Leather.

Beatrice Valenzuela is based in Los Angeles but her eponymous line of handmade shoes for men, women, and children takes its inspiration from the ancient traditional styles of Mexico, Morocco, and the Native American Indians, as well as her personal travels. Her designs show her appreciation for true care and craftsmanship and are made to last, giving the wearer casual-luxury shoes that will last a lifetime. Valenzuela’s shoes are made in Los Angeles from high-quality leather.

Sandalia - Bamboo Monocolor
Bamboo Monocolor Sandalia - Nata