Datura Candlestick - White


Inspired by the sacred and hallucinogenic Datura flower, Datura candlesticks are designed to evoke deep thought and daydreams. Considered the most important medicinal plant of the Chumash, medicine men and women use Sacred Datura to promote hallucinations, resulting in dreams that often reveal spirit guardians, or “dream helpers” to guide them along their paths.

Sculpted by hand. Sold Individually.

Wabi is an ongoing study of the intimate beauty left by the flows of nature. Largely inspired by the Zen philosophy of wabi-sabi,  Wabi is a collection of one-of-a-kind and limited works that aim to cherish the pure and sublime, relinquish the desire for perfection, and celebrate the impermanence of all things. Wabi is committed to sustainable and ethical production practices, making beautiful things, in a beautiful way. Handcrafted in Venice, CA.