Casa Bosques Chocolate

Casa Bosques Chocolate

Black Toasted Sesame Seeds, Cacao Shell & Nibs- Uses all parts of the cacao, including the nib and the crunchy shell, the interior and exterior, to create an economy of taste and crunch. This chocolate is slightly bitter, and with the smokiness of the black toasted sesame seeds, its pleasant acidity hits the back of the tongue.
Ingredients: Organic cacao bean, Black toasted sesame seeds, cacao shells, cacao nibs , organic cane sugar. Net Weight 60g (2.12oz)
Sea Salt- Paired with sea salt, the astonishment of the bold Criollo chocolate on the tongue sends a savory kick like the piquancy of an ocean wave. Sweetness is a desire that starts on the tongue with the sense of taste but doesn’t end there. Perhaps that is the prototype for all desire.
Ingredients: Organic cacao bean, sea salt, organic cane sugar. Net Weight 60g (2.12oz)
Puffed Quinoa, Coconut & Turmeric Dimes- Vibrant turmeric, delightfully crunchy puffed quinoa, rich dark chocolate and hearty coconut come together much the way friends at Casa Bosques and Dimes have – to promote taste and wholesome ingredients with notes and accents from all over.  

Ingredients: Organic cacao, organic puffed quinoa, organic coconut, organic turmeric and organic sugar. Net Weight 60g (2.12oz)

Canyon Coffee- The texture, a melding of the purity of the cacao shell with the earthy tones and subtle fruit notes of the coffee, creates a simple yet layered chocolate. 

Ingredients: organic cacao, organic coffee, organic cacao shell and organic cane sugar. Coffee origin: Gedeb, Yirgacheffe. Roasted in Los Angeles. Net Weight 60g (2.12oz)

Casa Bosques is a project by Rafael Prieto, founder, and creative director of Savvy Studio, a branding and architecture design firm based in New York and México City. Savvy Studio's in-house artisanal chocolate brand, is based on the exploration of the history, methods, origins, and culture of chocolate, designed  every season by a collection of creative collaborations.
Sourced from small ranches throughout México, and primarily from a single smallholder ranch in the southern region of Pichucalco, Chiapas, Mexico, Casa Bosques’s rare and pure white “Criollo” cacao beans are single origin, organic, and fair trade; allowing close involvement every step of the way. From tree to bar in México, Casa Bosques crafts chocolate with the same care as the farmers tending the flora and harvesting each heirloom bean.


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Casa Bosques Chocolate
Casa Bosques Chocolate