Soft Stone Nesting Bowl

Neko Co Neko

This versatile bowl is great for daily use. Featuring a deep shape perfect for soup, salad, pasta, or ramen. Elegant to look at, satisfying to hold, easy to grip, and very proudly made by hand. On its own, or nested as a set — all of which make wonderful gifts.

Small: 3 1/2”height, 5”diameter.

Medium: 3” height, 6”diameter.

Large: 3”height, 71/2” diameter.

Due to the handmade nature, some variation in dimension and color might occur.

Neko.Co.Neko. is an independent brand promoting an authentic, considered lifestyle with mindfulness of your physical environment. C(k)o.Neko.means kitten in Japanese , it’s a reminder of “beginner’s mind”(初心), a reminder of having fun.

Soft Stone Nesting Bowl
Soft Stone Nesting Bowl