Sqirl Jam


Seascape Strawberry + Rose Geranium
Seascape strawberries are big and juicy and their plants bear fruit over a long season, which makes them perfect for our most popular jam! Rose Geranium, which finds itself most often distilled for use in the perfume industry, is instead steeped in the seascape strawberries for a day, pulling beautiful rose scents and notes into the preserve.

Meyer Lemon Kiwi
Meyer lemon kiwi jam is the closest thing we'll find to a party right now. Meyer lemons from rick’s produce married with wild river kiwis is honestly one of the most challenging preserves we make and also one of the most rewarding. it is as unique as it is delicious.

Blueberry + Rhubarb 
We all know everyone loves the combination of strawberry and rhubarb, but in California when Mendoza Farms showed up at the market with bright, tender stalks of rhubarb just as the ripest most plump blueberries are coming in, we thought—why not marry these two seasonal beauties and see what happens? The result: a textured jam full of just the right amount of sweet and acid notes. It’s surprisingly…wonderful. 

 Strawberry Rhubarb

Classic and a crowds favorite jam. Strawberries delivered to our door from the wonderful Gutierrez Farm, while our rhubarb is harvested by Elva Galiano from Trevino Farms.

Masumoto Gold Dust Peach

Delicious Peaches grown on the Masumoto Farms in Central Valley, CA make up this sweet jam. Pair with some local bread and almonds for the perfect summer snack!

Late Harvest Masumoto Nectarine

Perfectly named, this apricot is gorgeously golden in color with an over the top sweet apricot flavor. Precocious, setting full crops even in the 2nd year. Golden Sweet apricots are a great canning apricot as it carries a balanced tart-sweet finish. 

Raspberry + Vanilla

We get our raspberries from Pudwill Farms, the only farmer we know who harvests large amounts of berries and who’s always at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, rain or shine! Our organic Tahitian vanilla beans come from Heilala, which, added to the delicate raspberries creates a beautiful aromatic fusion. 

Sqirl is an LA based cafe that produces preserved goods including jams, ferments, and other provisions out of local and organic ingredients. Jessica Koslow is the owner and provides exciting flavor combinations that capture the taste of the seasons. 

Sqirl Jam
Sqirl Jam